About Us

Looking to create your dream home? To improve your safety? To create irresistible curb appeal and turn your house into the beauty of the block?
Zodiac Doors & Gates was founded to help people like you! 
Zodiac Doors & Gates offers high quality garage doors, wood,
iron and vinyl automatic and non-automatic gates, phone system,
intercom, security cameras, fences and more.
We also provide installation, maintenance and repair services for all those products.
Working with Zodiac Doors & Gates  means taking advantage of:
  • All the benefits that come from using one company for all your exterior safety needs. This includes consistently great prices, the special attention that repeat customers deserve and access to great deals.

  • High quality products and services. We work with experienced professionals with high standards who not only know what they are doing, but are ready to offer advice on what’s best for your specific needs and budget.

  • Excellent customer service throughout. We are proud with the level of customer service we offer. We realize how important customer service is, because when you are paying someone to do something for you, you need a problem solved, not more problems created.

“I am extremely satisfied with my new garage door! I want to thank Sean and Yoni for helping me get a brand new door! I had had some bad experience with having someone come out to look at the garage door and I was told that they will call me back with “good deals” and I never heard from them again. When I called Zodiac, within minutes I received a call from Sean and he was here within 2 hours to check out the door. He was honest and he gave me a great deal replacing my garage door. I had my door replaced within 3 days. Yoni was great as well. He came over to supervise and did the final touches that was missed by the assistance. Such professionalism from both Sean and Yoni! It is great to have a working garage door. Thank you Zodiac!!!!” –Gee M

“There’s no denying why Zodiac Gate & Garage Door come so highly recommended: the services they provide are truly unparalleled. In addition to providing me with the lowest estimate I encountered during my three-week-long search, Yoni and his team had a quick turnaround time, didn’t need to buy any external supplies, and had my garage door up and running again in a matter of an hour, which was amazing since my husband tried fixing it for 8 hours straight on the Saturday before they came

Zodiac Garage and Door has become the go to for my family. While I am local in the valley, I told Yoni about my mother wanting to replace her garage doors in Pomona, CA, about an hour drive (without traffic) from where Zodiac is based. Yoni not only agreed to take her on as a client, but made two visits total before charging her, providing her with all the options she needed in order to fully get the garage she was envisioning. I am happy I now have someone to call whenever my garage/gate are giving me issues, and would highly recommend his services to anyone in need!” –Antonio S

 “Okay first of all, Yoni was my technician he took only 15 minutes to get to me when I called other companies they told me 30-40 minutes. He was very professional and our gate was fixed extremely fast. Not only that but you can tell that the tools for the gate is good quality. I recommend everyone go to zodiac gates it really was some of the best service. Yoni explained to us exactly what he was going to do before he started the job and you can see that he is a very experienced technician.” –Becky A